SummerWorks ends

SummerWorks info booth at the Lower Ossington Theatre

My first post will be detailing my last day at SummerWorks. I have been interning at SummerWorks Performance festival under the direction of general manager Lucy Eveleigh. For the most part I was in the office (pre-festival). I helped Lucy edit the schedule and update the website ( A lot of editing. A lot. But it felt really good when the brochure was printed! Also it helped me get to know a lot of the plays. Whenever someone asked me what a specific one was about I was able to answer no problem.

During the festival, I managed the info booth along with associate producer Tessa Cernick. The info booth was for a lot of people their first point of contact with the festival. A lot of people off the street would come in and inquire about the festival.

Daily schedule at the info booth

Being a part of the production team, I witnessed a lot of the hard work and strife that comes along with producing a festival. Sleepless nights, difficult patrons, uncooperative staff. In one incident, a show sold out sooner than we anticipated and many people who had lined up to see it did not get a ticket. It was pandemonium and one of our associates got yelled at by a frustrated patron.

The most rewarding was talking to people after they saw a show they loved. Being in the info booth, underneath the Lower Ossington Theatre, we got a lot of people coming in after seeing a show at the LOT. But I also got to speak to a lot of different people about what they thought of certain shows.

I got to see 7 shows. Three of them particularly impressed me. Iceland, directed by Ravi Jain, written by Nicholas Billon; Extinction Song, directed by Ron Jenkins and starring Ron Pederson; and When it Rains, written and directed by Anthony Black. I will write my own reviews of these shows and the others I saw in later posts. Basically, once I wrap my head around it.

All in all, a wonderful experience and I shall miss the people I had the pleasure of working with.

Me with Sunny the SummerWorks mascot

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