Stories From My Grandma: the podcast

A new project!

Stories form my grandma I’m so pleased to share my new project: Stories From My Grandma

Now on iTunes!

It is a weekly podcast wherein I interview various friends about their grandmothers. This was inspired by my grandmother’s life story and in talking to my friends I realized they all had these amazing stories about their grandmothers. As you’ll hear from the interviews, each woman, in their own way, made their mark.

It’s also different hearing these stories from a grandchild rather than a child. The legacy becomes immediately apparent as these stories are mostly second-hand, or reinforced by a second-hand account. Stories from their grandparents’ generations have become mythologized through the family. I find this fascinating.

Head over to to check out the project and listen to it directly on soundcloud, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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