Chloé is featured in The Lily with Queen Sugar’s female creatives

The Lily, a publication run by The Washington Post, focuses on content aimed at women. This week they highlighted a few of the female creatives behind Queen Sugar. The article “The Sisterhood behind Queen Sugar” was written by Macy Freeman and Ashley Nguyen.

Chloé was among those interviewed and was featured in a photoshoot by Oriana Koren.


Clockwise from top left: Liza Richardson, Avril Beukes, Kat Candler, Christiana Hooks, Chloé, DeMane Davis, Patricia Cardoso, Kira Kelly, Shoshanah Tanzer

Chloé was interviewed and photographed with Kat Candler (showrunner), DeMane Davis (producing director), Avril Beukes (Editor), Christiana Hooks (Post-Production Supervisor), Kira Kelly (Cinematographer), Liza Richardson (Music Supervisor), Patricia Cardoso (Director of 302), Shoshanah Tanzer (Editor), Dawn-Lyen Gardner (“Charley”), and Bianca Lawson (“Darla”).

Here is an excerpt:

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 3.27.59 PM


Dawn-Lyen Gardner (“Charley”), Kat Candler (showrunner), Chloé, and Bianca Lawson (“Darla”)

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