Chloé in the news: writes about Issei, He Say (or the Myth of the First) at the NNPN/Kennedy Center MFA Workshop Festival

Broadway World NJ Interviews Chloé about the New Jersey Repertory Company’s world premiere production of Issei, He Say (or the Myth of the First)

Reviews of All Our Yesterdays:

3/4 stars – J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail (Jan 8, 2016) “Reviews: Agammemnon and All Our Yesterdays at the Next Stage Theatre Festival” “While All Our Yesterdays is set in the most desperate of circumstances, it has a compelling plot – and is as much about how difficult it is to have a sibling with special needs as its more urgent subject. It also has a twist at the end that some will see coming a mile away, but I was tricked by it. Hung is a writer to watch.”

Angela Sun, Mooney On Theatre (Jan 8, 2016) “2016 Next Stage Theatre Festival Review: All Our Yesterdays (AnOther Theatre company)” “Playwright/Director Chloe Hung’s writing is especially sharp and the banter between the sisters is littered with witty, tongue-in-cheek quips[…]However, where Hung truly impresses is her ability to comment on larger issues in the dialogue without sacrificing naturalism.”

3/4 stars – Carly Maga, The Toronto Star (Jan 11, 2016) “Three plays to watch at the Next Stage Theatre Festival” “Hung’s script contrasts these dire scenes with moments from their strained relationship at home”

4/5 Stars – Steve Fisher, The Torontoist “All of the 2016 Next Stage Theatre Festival, Reviewed” “[Chiamaka] Umeh is particularly good as the quick-witted if socially handicapped Hasana, and Hung’s implicit commentary on how the West has forgotten the abducted girls isn’t as heavy-handed as one might think.”


Rebeccah Love, Toronto Arts Report (July 3, 2017) “Interview With Chloé Hung” On writing two plays about abuse with all-female casts: “Once a man walks on stage, the play is about him. But the core relationship I wanted to explore in these two plays weren’t the women’s relationships with the men, which were important aspects to both these plays, but they were the relationships between the women.”

OMNI News (January 5, 2017): TV News interview for OMNI Cantonese News. [Interview was conducted entirely in Cantonese; Chloé’s fluency was really put to the test]

Trish Crawford, The Toronto Star (Jan 7, 2016) “Kidnapped for crime of going to school”  On All Our Yesterdays: “I really felt so strongly about the story. It’s about the value of a girl. I wanted to explore how they are so far away they can slip out of our consciousness.”

Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine (Jan 7, 2016) “Sib Survival” On why she wrote All Our Yesterdays: “It’s so easy for a writer to be alone in a room with a computer. Even if I’m saying great things, I want to do something, not simply echo people who moan about how terrible the kidnapping was.”

Kelly Bedard, MyEntertainmentWorld (Jan 3, 2016) “MyTheatre Award nominee: Chloé Hung” On why she writes about diverse topics: “That’s a nice way of saying: Living room dramas about middle class white families with a history of alcoholism are fine and all but I’m not going to write that. I’m not going to create a play about that subject matter better than Eugene O’Neill and there are already plenty of people who try. Besides, that’s not the reality I know.”

Bailey Green, In the Green Room (Jan 14, 2016) “In Conversation with Chloé Hung, from All Our Yesterdays at the Next Stage Theatre Festival” On the research for All Our Yesterdays: “So it was challenging to distill all of that information into a story that felt relatable,” Hung says, “and the way I wanted to approach that was using a story of two sisters and the injuries that siblings can do to each other.”

She Does the City (Jan 5, 2016) “All Our Yesterdays reminds us that Chibok Schoolgirls are still missing” “Powerful, moving, and enraging, All Our Yesterdays is a must-see performance that also serves as a reminder: while we may feel disconnected and helpless to tragedies near and far, we always have the choice to give back and do more.”

Addicted (Jan 15, 2016) “Addicted Inspirations – Chloé Hung” On who inspires her: “My mother and her mother and her mother’s mother. I come from a long line of working women who are strong willed and opinionated. They instilled in me the importance of a good work ethic. Nothing is going to be handed to you, you need to work hard.”