Three Women of Swatow

A play
3 characters (3w)

Synopsis: When Mother accidentally kills her husband, three generations of women must come together to solve a bloody situation. This darkly comedic play takes a look at the legacy of abuse, the power of family, and how to prevent the resurrection of a headless chicken.

Development History

Tarragon Theatre’s Playwrights Unit 2016-2017
A year long play development that culminated in a reading on May 25, 2017 at Tarragon Theatre
Directed by Esther Jun
Dramaturgy by Andrea Romaldi
Playwright Unit members: Rose Napoli, Meghan Greeley, Gillian Clark, Elyse Friedman, and Kawa Ada
Starring: Marjorie Chan, April Leung, and Brenda Kamino

RBC Emerging Playwrights Award 2017
A year-long grant to continue developing Three Women of Swatow with Tarragon Theatre’s artistic director Richard Rose


Artists At Play’s Spring Reading Series 2018
Los Angeles, April 28, 2018
Directed by Rebecca Wear
Dramaturged by Annette Lee
Starring: Emily Kuroda, Janet Song, and Katherine Chou